Let us honor the ancient Greeks, who in addition to science, the arts, theater, democracy…, invented a game that was played with a ball by two opposing teams with an equal number of players, which they called “episkyron”.

Nowadays there are dozens of ball games. Volleyball, basketball, handball, water polo, soccer…

The so-called group games that are played with more than one person and have gained the appreciation of young people worldwide.

They became hobbies, exercise, spectacle, profession. Success in the game causes excitement, produces unique emotions, influences behaviors, creates characters.

Success is a set of right choices, because when we make a decision we reject another. When a person thinks that he cannot achieve anything in his life, he automatically condemns himself to defeat.

Sport teaches that participation, effort, are important elements of life. Not an effort by any means, but with respect to the rules that the ancient Greeks condensed into the definition of “good fight”.

Culture is the daily friction with our companion,our neighbour ,our classmate, our fellow citizen, the way we communicate, that we discuss, that we accept, that we reject, that we rejoice, that we sing, that we dance, that we celebrate success, or that we mourn failure. Accepting the winner and respecting the loser promotes athletic culture.

The development of sports culture is what is required in the struggle that “episkyron” starts all over Greece, having at its side people of arts, letters, work and sports.

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